Galliford Try signs Bolton college extension


Galliford Try’s Building North West business has signed a contract to deliver a new building for the Bolton University Collegiate School (UCS). 

Bolton University Collegiate School. Credit: Galliford Try.

The project will see the creation of a £17.6 million extension to the existing school in the centre of Bolton, on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE).  

The scheme will include teaching facilities, a dining area, kitchen, sports hall and activity studio. 

The works also incorporate 1,086 sqm of internal light refurbishment to assist the existing school building to change its educational offering. 

Darren Parker, managing director for Galliford Try Building North West, said: “This is an exciting project which once again brings us to the heart of Bolton to provide state-of-the-art learning spaces for young people. 

“This project will add to our already outstanding portfolio of education projects across the North West, and we are confident that Bolton UCS will further prove our dedication to quality and innovation in the communities we work.”  

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