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Construction Wave provides news and insight into the UK construction industry. Our daily email newsletter covers infrastructure, commercial, residential, regulations, and strategic news.

Our number one value ‘Editorial is everything to us’ is at the heart of everything we do. We live and breathe journalism in the built environment. Take a closer look at our values below.

Our Values

  • Editorial is everything to us.
  • Constantly curious.
  • Treat people like human beings.
  • Just say it ‘how it is’.
  • Delivery. Each and every time.

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Editorial Team

Rory Butler, journalist at Construction Wave

Rory Butler, Editor


020 3576 1826


I shape and drive the editorial strategy at Construction Wave, while training and managing its journalists and supporting the vision of senior management. My background is in national, regional, and local news gathering, as well as B2B reporting. Specialisms include manufacturing, business, insolvency, M&A and takeovers, policy, politics, and government.

I’m very proud of my team and love helping to keep this hugely important industry well-informed. When I’m not reporting on the sector, I’m usually out running in the countryside, or working on something arty at home.