Breedon acquires third asphalt contractor


Breedon Group has announced the acquisition of Midlands asphalt contractor Phoenix Surfacing for an undisclosed sum. 

Credit: Breedon Group.

Phoenix is the third company of its kind Breedon has added to its Surfacing Solutions business, following Minster Surfacing in Lincoln in 2023 and East Midlands-headquartered Thomas Bow Ltd the year before that. 

The construction materials giant said the deal will significantly enhance its surfacing offer in the Midlands. 

Founded in 1991, Phoenix, in Kettering, operates in the design and delivery of highways and infrastructure projects for both public and private sector clients.  

Today, the business’ annual turnover is in the region of between £23 million-£24 million. 

“Phoenix Surfacing has built up a huge amount of experience over the course of its history and has an outstanding delivery team; the combination of our businesses will significantly enhance our offer in the Midlands, while also strengthening our regional surfacing, airfields and recycled asphalt capabilities across the Breedon group,” said James Haluch, managing director of Surfacing Solutions at Breedon. 

Alistair Lauder, managing director of Phoenix Surfacing, added: “This is a significant milestone in our company’s history, and we are excited about the opportunities the transaction will bring to our customers and colleagues.  

“We look forward to leveraging the strengths of Phoenix and Breedon together, to enhance our overall capabilities and provide an excellent service for our customers.” 

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