£800m professional services framework renewal


Procure Partnerships Framework (PPF) is set to renew its Professional Services Framework, valued at £800 million. 

The framework will cover the following disciplines, with separate lots for each:  

  • Project Management 
  • Quantity Surveying 
  • Architectural Design 
  • Building Surveying 

Project Management appointments will also offer the option to build multi-disciplinary teams at the project call stage. 

Public sector users will have the flexibility to procure works and associated services based on established fixed hourly rates.  

Projects may be procured via Two Stage, Single Stage, and Direct Award procurement routes. 

The anticipated tender issue date is Spring 2024, with the framework set to launch in Summer 2024. 

The provider is trying to gauge market interest that will inform the procurement strategy for the next four-year period across England. 

Interested parties are invited to complete a market engagement questionnaire by noon on 21 April. 

There will also be an online market engagement session on 22 April from 10am, to find out more. To register, click here.  

Faye Dolan, framework director at PPF, said: “The professional services framework is a key service, and we are delighted to renew the national framework to continue providing public sector clients with a one-stop shop of contractor and professional services appointments. 

“The renewed national framework will cover four key disciplines, offering clients access to experienced professional services organisations, whilst providing them with the flexibility to build specialist multi-disciplinary teams.  

“We believe this will further promote collaboration with local SMEs, provide clients with value for money and ultimately drive positive outcomes for all project stakeholders.” 

“We encourage interested parties to participate in the market engagement process and join us for the online engagement session to learn more about this opportunity.” 

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