Mace team to deliver $16bn Hudson Tunnel Project


Mace has been appointed to an international team tasked with delivering the “most urgent infrastructure project in the United States”.  

Credit: Hudson Tunnel Project (HTP).

As part of a joint venture partnership with Parsons and Arcadis (MPA Delivery Partners), the three companies will bring forward the $16 billion Hudson Tunnel Project (HTP) on behalf of the Gateway Development Commission (GDC).  

The megaproject proposes to rehabilitate the existing tunnel under the Hudson River that carries Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT Northeast Corridor passenger trains between New Jersey and New York. 

As well as repairing Amtrak’s existing North River Tunnel, which opened in 1910 and was damaged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a new two-tube, 2.4-mile-long tunnel will also be constructed alongside associated railroad infrastructure. 

“Service reliability throughout the tunnel has been compromised because of the damage to tunnel components caused by Superstorm Sandy, which inundated both tubes in the North River Tunnel with seawater in October 2012, resulting in the cancellation of all Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT service into New York City for five days,” said HTP.  

“While the tunnel was restored to service and is now safe for travel, chlorides from the seawater remain in the tunnel’s concrete liner and bench walls, causing ongoing damage to various tunnel components and systems.” 

The project is slated to receive nearly $12 billion in federal funding, the largest investment in a mass transit project in modern history. 

“The Gateway Hudson Tunnel will be a model of resilient infrastructure to futureproof safe and sustainable travel along the nation’s most economically vital corridor,” said global president of mobility at Arcadis, Greg Steele.  

“Arcadis is proud to bring our extensive tunnelling, rail, and transit expertise to support the Gateway Development Commission to facilitate the urgent delivery of this megaproject that will improve quality of life for communities that live and work in New York, New Jersey, and beyond.” 

Mace deputy CEO, Jason Millett, added: “We are honoured to have been appointed by the GDC to play such a key a role on this historic program. We’re inspired by their vision to revolutionise the rail transit experience for passengers on the Northeast Corridor, creating opportunities that will positively transform people’s lives.  

“From our experience bringing complex megaprojects to life around the world, we know the delivery partner model will provide the collaborative approach and certainty required for a program of this scale.” 

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