Breedon to nearly double regional tile production


Breedon Group has announced the opening of a new concrete tile production factory in Northern Ireland. 

Credit: Breedon Group.

The new facility in Lisburn will increase Breedon’s tile production capacity in the region by more than 80 per cent, from 12 million to 22 million tiles per annum, it said.  

It added the site will reduce local supply chain constraints and modern equipment will enable quicker and more efficient processes.  

The construction materials giant is understood to manage a portfolio of 100 quarries, 50 asphalt plants, 170 ready-mixed concrete plants, and two cement plants, and is one of the leading building materials suppliers in Great Britain and Ireland.   

Jude Lagan, managing director, cement and products at Breedon, said: “I am proud to see the opening of this impressive facility in Lisburn, demonstrating our commitment to our business in Ireland, whilst benefitting the wider region, providing more supply and enabling secondary and tertiary industries to thrive.” 

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