VolkerFitzpatrick tackles ‘world’s busiest two runways’


VolkerFitzpatrick has started resurfacing “the world’s busiest two runways” as part of its role on a major framework. 

Credit: VolkerFitzpatrick.

The company is currently delivering a resurfacing package to the southern entry/exit taxiways and runway 09R/27L at Heathrow Airport, its first contract on the H7 Framework. 

The project involves almost 60,000 tonnes of asphalt being laid, which will take around 15 months to complete. 

Following a year of planning, works are being undertaken at night to minimise impact on operations at Heathrow. 

Cost and carbon savings 

“Heathrow is currently the busiest airport in Europe and this is a great opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities on Heathrow’s most important assets,” said Kevin Berry, VolkerFitzpatrick’s operations director. 

“Our integrated team is working closely with Heathrow throughout the project. We’re using digital processes and systems, to enable cost and carbon savings during both the design and delivery stages of the project.” 

Heathrow’s infrastructure director, Alistair Awcock, added: “Thanks to VolkerFitzpatrick’s expert support, we can reliably transform our airfield into a construction site and back again night after night, with passenger planes safely landing on their hard work just hours later.” 

Heathrow aims to reduce the airport’s carbon footprint by 2.3Mt by the end of 2026.  

Decarbonising aviation  

Decarbonisation of the aviation industry is a very complex challenge requiring a multidisciplinary solution that encompasses airport operations, surface access, future fuels, energy transition, operational and embodied carbon initiatives, nature-based solutions, behavioural change, data and digital and smart systems. 

As part of the contract, VolkerFitzpatrick will work with supply chain contractors from the surrounding area, provide employment opportunities, and place apprentices and trainees on site. 

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