Legendre UK adopts contractor-developer model


Legendre UK has expanded its operation into the property development sector. 

Credit: Groupe Legendre.

The construction firm plans to build out all its own development projects, leveraging the advantage of its developer role to influence the decision-making process, it said.  

Legendre UK is the British subsidiary of international real estate development and construction business Groupe Legendre.  

The subsidiary wants to replicate its parent company’s contractor-developer model. 

A particular focus will be on expanding its portfolio of retrofit projects – and on residential, build-to-rent, co-living, and student accommodation. 

The construction firm appointed Nicolas Swiderski as head of the new division.  

He previously worked as development and project manager at Linkcity (part of Bouygues Group). 

“The current landscape offers us a strategic moment to embrace risk,” said Swiderski. “As developers navigate uncertainty, we see a chance to step in, leveraging our resilience to capitalise on opportunities as well as our excellent construction knowledge, track record, and financial expertise. 

“We’re aware of the challenges ahead, including inflationary pressures and high interest rates, and are keen to embrace complexity. We steer clear of cookie-cutter approaches in favour of bespoke solutions – an approach that demands creativity, agility, and collaboration, pushing us to explore the unknown and shape a resilient future.” 

Thomas Vandecasteele, managing director, added: “Given that Legendre UK is now an established and capable contractor in the UK market, it makes complete sense to further our expansion through funding more client schemes or by initiating our own projects.” 

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