ULEZ expanded today – what you need to know


The controversial Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion has come into effect. 

Image credit: Matt Brown, via Wikimedia Commons.

The scheme, affecting all London boroughs from today (29 August), includes a £12.50 daily fee for non-compliant vehicles.   

Those that fail to pay the charge online or by phone up to three days after travelling could face a fine of up to £180 (£90 if paid within 14 days). 

This extends to diesel vans registered before September 2016 and petrol vans registered before January 2006.  

You can check to see if your vehicle is compliant here. 

Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who won a legal challenge to his expansion in the High Court, recently announced firms can receive up to £7,000 for every non-compliant van registered with his scrappage scheme, or £6,000 support towards retrofitting their vehicle 

He also said the expansion meant construction workers will “take off less time from work” due to poor health from air pollution, leading to greater productivity. 

“I understand it is particularly difficult now. Tradespeople are taking time off work because of asthma and other health related issues caused by respiratory conditions,” Mr Khan said.  

Adding: “It is in tradespeople’s interests to be having vehicles that are compliant because it means they take off less time from work by being unwell because of air pollution.”   

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) said the expansion was “bad news” for London’s building industry and that livelihoods are “at risk”.    

CEO John Newcomb previously urged a 12-month delay to the expansion to allow firms to prepare and secure compliant vehicles.    

The Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) said ULEZ will “seriously impact” the income of construction businesses at a time of high costs and project delays and cancellations. 

TfL urged people to register for an Auto Pay account on the company’s website, where drivers are automatically charged and less likely to receive a PCN (penalty charge notice). 

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