RSK Group acquires Bateman Skips


RSK Group has acquired in the region of 20 companies since the start of the year – the latest being waste management and recycling business, Bateman Skips. 

Credit: RSK Group and Bateman Skips.

Bateman, a family-owned company founded in 2003, has offices in Bristol and Bath. 

It offers skip and grab hire, sweeper services and waste management solutions to both domestic and commercial clients. 

Bateman has more than 65 employees and an annual turnover of £8.3 million. 

Its clients include Biffa and Mitie, as well as construction firms Lancer Scott and Hills Group. 

Managing director, Lee Bateman, will continue to lead the business. 

“RSK has a strong place in the environmental sector, and we will use this to expand the business and further drive growth,” said Bateman. 

RSK now comprises more than 200 companies, employing 12,000 people.  

The Group’s annual turnover at the end of FY2022 was £796 million. 

CEO Alan Ryder recently said of his company’s growth he wants to run the largest provider of “sustainable solutions” in the world, relying on the “cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise”.     

The acquisition advisers were Entrepreneurs Hub. 

To read more about RSK, click here.  

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