RSK Group confirms 19 acquisitions since January


The campaign of expansion by RSK Group continues at pace with two more acquisitions – now in the region of 19 since the start of the year. 

RSK CEO Alan Ryder
RSK CEO Alan Ryder. Credit: RSK.

It just acquired clean water technology specialist, Kirton Water Treatment Services, in Leicestershire, and engineering and energy transition expert, PD&MS, in Aberdeen.  

PD&MS, started in 2002, has more than 700 staff, a second operations base in Azerbaijan, and posted annual turnover in FY2022 of £84.1 million. 

CEO, Simon Rio, who has been leading the business for 10 years, will continue to run PD&MS. 

Kirton Water offers bespoke water treatment and filtration solutions for industry and farming. 

It worked with Cornish Lithium at its geothermal test facility at United Downs in Cornwall. 

Managing director, Jon West, will also continue to lead the business. 

Since January, Cheshire-based RSK Group is understood to have executed in the region of 19 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with companies from a range of different sectors – oftentimes overseeing several in quick succession in a matter of weeks.  

RSK CEO Alan Ryder
RSK CEO, Alan Ryder. Credit: RSK.

CEO Alan Ryder recently said of his company’s growth he wants to run the largest provider of “sustainable solutions” in the world, relying on the “cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise”.    

He added he views the myriad businesses within his company as lily pads on a pond, each an “individual pocket of expertise” whose real benefit reaches its full potential when “one lily pad abuts another”, thus creating an intersection of ideas and a unique offering for his customers. 

RSK also recently acquired wholesale nursery business, Crowders Nurseries, in Lincolnshire, and India-based HPD Consultants, specialists in engineering and building information modelling services.  

Between 15-22 June, RSK acquired ARA Architecture in Devon, Scottish energy and carbon capture specialists Axis, and industrial and infrastructure asset management expert, The Woodhouse Partnership Limited (TWPL).    

Prior to this, RSK acquired railway engineering business, 1stinrail, marking the Group’s expansion into the rail infrastructure sector.  In April, it acquired CX Group, a group of three specialist companies working in the energy sector.     

Prior to that the Group acquired Calibrate Energy Engineering, a provider of commercial heating and chilling systems, near Bamburgh, in Northumberland.      

And before that it announced the acquisition of Hawkins Electrical, an electrical service firm based in Lincolnshire, Southern Ecological Solutions (SES), an Essex-based ecological, arboriculture and landscape design consultancy, and geotechnical specialist 4AP-Geoteknik in Hadsten, Denmark.        

In 2023, RSK also added to its ever-growing portfolio of companies, temporary site service company WysePower, market research agency BMG Research, marine geoscience consultancy Hydrofix, tree and vegetation management firm Treefellers Ltd, mineral exploration and ground investigation contractor Irish Drilling Limited, and technical facilities management and energy solutions firm Richard Irvin FM.      

RSK Group currently comprises more than 175 businesses and employs somewhere in the region of 11,000 people across several countries.   

Its annual turnover at the end of FY22 was £796 million    

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