Bouygues starts work on 700-home scheme in London


Bouygues is working with sister company developer Linkcity on the redevelopment of a housing estate on Old Kent Road.

Tustin Estate plan.
Credit: Linkcity.

The firm has begun work on Tustin Estate for Southwark Council, which will include the replacement and additional construction of up to 690 new homes. 

Following a resident vote in 2021 for the redevelopment, the council partnered with Linkcity to advise on the buildability of phase one and the proposed masterplan, and in 2022 the developer became the partner for the entire scheme. 

Initial work began in the Autumn of 2022, and Bouygues expects phase one of the scheme to finish in the Summer of 2025. 

Linkcity has split construction into four phases, with the project expected to complete in 2030. 

Full scope

Several architects were involved in the design of Tustin Estate in 2021, including Adam Khan Architects and JA Projects, and led by DSDHA Architects. 

The designs included the following developments: 

  • 250 replacement council homes and shared equity properties. 
  • 220 additional council homes, including keyworker homes. 
  • 220 homes for private sale. 
  • Central park. 
  • Refurbishment of existing council homes. 
  • 1,800 sqm of commercial floor space. 
  • New pedestrian, cycle and vehicular routes. 
  • Improvements to Tustin Common. 

Currently, the estate includes 299 homes in three towers, six low-rise blocks, and the Pilgrims Way Primary School, which Linkcity will replace with a new school. 

Phase one is spread across three sites on the estate and will involve the construction of 167 homes for existing residents. 

Social Value 

The affordable aspect of the scheme includes 68% of affordable housing made up of council rent, shared equity, key worker accommodation and homes for over 55s. 

Bouygues and Linkcity are collaborating with the community in Southwark on the development, including workshops, apprenticeships and pre-employment courses for young people. 

The firms have also planned several measures to achieve a 94% reduction in carbon emissions when the estate is in use; these include: 

  • Using the local waste-to-energy district heating network to deliver clean water to the estate.
  • The use of high-insulation building fabric solar panels, SUDs, and air-source heat pumps for individual houses. 
  • Limiting demolition works and reusing materials from planned demolitions.

Currently, Linkcity is working on the early design stages of phase two of the estate master plan. 

“This is a significant moment for our team and for Southwark Council, and the culmination of many months’ hard work,” said Phillippa Prongué, Linkcity’s Managing Director. 

“We are so pleased how the site team has taken up the mantle of working closely with residents to make the construction process a smooth one.” 

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