Suppliers alerted to £900m nuclear defence framework


Suppliers have been alerted to a major framework for the nuclear defence industry with a value of up to £900 million. 

Credit: Atomic Weapons Establishment.


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We interview Mathew Duncan, CFO of Tideway.

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has put contractors and consultants on notice for its Future Infrastructure Programme (FIP) Client Partnership Framework, which could run for 10 years. 

Two complex infrastructure packages have been announced to meet the future needs of the UK’s nuclear deterrent programme, including a Future Material Campus which focuses on the renewal of AWE’s manufacturing and storage capabilities.  

The FIP, however, initially focuses on delivering AWE’s wider infrastructure needs including new office accommodation, laboratories, testing facilities, site services, and advanced manufacturing facilities. 

Professional services needed for delivery include a supplier to plan and design the investment portfolio, while providing effective oversight to delivery partners for time, cost and quality. 

This includes engineering, programme/project management and productivity enhancement services.  

“As stated in the Defence Nuclear Enterprise Command Paper, published by the Ministry of Defence on 25th March 2024, AWE Plc is embarking on a national endeavour to re-capitalise its estate and manufacturing infrastructure to meet the future needs of the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent,” a prior information notice reads. 

“Our Future Infrastructure Programme will grow significantly over the coming years, and AWE is looking to expand its supplier base to meet the programme’s increasing demand.” 

Those interested in participating in an initial request for information (RFI) exercise, please follow the prompts in this link. Ref: FTS 012848-2024. 

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