Bowie Construction to appoint administrators


Civil engineering firm Bowie Construction Limited has filed a notice of its intention to appoint an administrator. 

Credit: Bowie Construction Limited.

The Cambridgeshire company appears to have lodged an application with the Companies Court this week.  

The contractor is involved in various aspects of the construction process including groundworks, road and sewer construction, paving and fencing within housing, commercial and industrial sectors. 

It works on a supply-and-fix basis and provides both subcontractor and principal contractor services across projects of various sizes, including full-scale industrial and housing and all types of private works including eco-friendly projects.  

The Linton-headquartered company, which is understood to employ in the region of 70 people, posted a loss in its latest accounts due to pre-Covid fixed-price contracts, and subsequent high inflation and interest rates. 

Law firm Blake Morgan appears to be acting as a representative or counsel for the company, according to public documents. 

Bowie Construction and Blake Morgan were approached for comment.  

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