An investment, not an overhead: rethinking Health & Safety



Health & Safety protocols in the construction industry are paramount, and a reluctance to properly invest in this area of your business, even when times are tight, is potentially short-sighted and costly, Havio explains.


Out with outdated attitudes 

I’ve seen the transformative power of a well-implemented health and safety strategy,” said Jack Rumbol, CEO of Havio.

“It’s no longer about ticking boxes for compliance that make you feel that you have done a good job.”

“It’s about changing how we value our workforce and, in turn, how we enhance our businesses.”

The hidden dividends

A safe workforce is not just a happier one, it’s more motivated and productive, contributing positively to the bottom line. That’s a real win-win.

Companies with stringent Health & Safety protocols often enjoy better reputations, win more jobs, and benefit from lower insurance premiums, avoiding costly fines and legal battles.

Yet many in the industry remain focused on short-term costs over long-term benefits. This approach overlooks the human aspect—workers’ lives and families—and the sustainability of your businesses.

An investment rather than a cost 

Treating Health & Safety as an investment rather than a cost can revolutionise our industry. Like any investment, it pays over time, enhancing both compliance and workforce protection. But also business productivity and efficiency.

A strong Health & Safety record boosts a company’s reputation in a competitive market, attracting top talent and new business due to a safer working environment, and fewer accidents, lower insurance costs, and a reduced risk of legal issues.

Adopting a long-term vision

Adopting a long-term vision for Health & Safety underscores its value, leading to enhanced reputation, business growth, and operational cost reductions.

In an industry where risk is inherent, a solid commitment to Health & Safety sets a company apart, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

At Havio we are encouraging senior leaders to shift their view of health and safety. Adopting an investment in the wellbeing of their workforce, and not just expense mindset. This mindset isn’t about building structures. It’s about fostering a safer, more productive industry that aligns with our core values,” said Rumbol.

“We’re leading this change, advocating for a safer construction sector. Together, we can alter the narrative around health and safety, ensuring a legacy of success and wellbeing for generations to come.”

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