Manchester City FC seeks approval for 11,000 solar panels


Manchester City Football Club (MCFC) has announced plans to install nearly 11,000 solar panels at the club’s training facility. 

MCFC City Football Academy. Credit: MCFC.

The Premier League Champions are seeking planning approval for the installation of 10,887 solar panels at the City Football Academy, which could generate up to 4.39 MWh of renewable energy every year. 

More than 3,000 panels will be installed on the roof of the 7,000-capacity Joie Stadium, home to Manchester City Women, while 3,942 will be installed on the roofs of other facilities on site such as the First Team and Academy Building.   

An additional 3,830 panels will be installed on frames over footpaths and pitch-side areas of the City Football Academy.    

MCFC said while the self-supplied energy will “completely offset” the City Football Academy’s annual usage, the power will also be shared with Etihad Stadium. 

Subject to planning approval from Manchester City Council, the club said the panels will be fully operational by the end of 2024. 

They will be installed and managed by Manchester-based renewable energy developer, Clearvolt. 

MCFC added the project is part of its aim to become net zero by 2030. 

“As we look ahead on our roadmap to being net carbon zero by 2030, we know that the production and consumption of renewable energy has an incredibly important role to play, which is why we are delighted at the prospect of installing over 10,800 solar panels at our home in Manchester,” said the club’s director of sustainability, Pete Bradshaw. 

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