GF Tomlinson takes up new Tamworth school contract


Midlands contractor GF Tomlinson has been appointed to a new education contract in Tamworth, valued at £8 million.

Team pictured on construction site
Credit: GF Tomlinson

Staffordshire County Council hired the company to deliver the new Dunstall Park Primary School alongside project managers and architects, Entrust.

The project was procured through the Constructing West Midlands (CWM) framework.

It supports new housing developments in the area, including the Dunstall Park Estate.

The 1,500 sqm, two-storey school will have seven classrooms, a nursery and practical area, an indoor hall, offices and catering areas, alongside an outdoor space for sport.

It will cater for 210 primary pupils and 26 nursery places and have the capacity for expansion to 315 places in the future.

The new school will open for the start of the new school year in 2024/25.

It is the tenth scheme of its kind GF Tomlinson will deliver for the council, alongside Entrust.

Chris Flint, managing director of GF Tomlinson, said: “Building on our strong relationship with Staffordshire County Council and Entrust, we’re pleased to be delivering our tenth project together and our second school project for the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP).

“Providing modern facilities for primary and nursery pupils, with the capacity to grow in size year-on-year, Dunstall Park Primary School is ideally placed to accommodate the children of the residents in the neighbouring housing developments, offering new, enhanced teaching.”

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