Extra £400m to upgrade London water treatment sites


An extra £400 million has been made available to upgrade two water treatment works in London. 

Credit: Thames Water.

Water industry regulator Ofwat has approved further funding for Thames Water (TW) to take forward several schemes at Coppermills and Hampton treatment sites. 

The money, which is conditional on meeting key milestones when delivering the upgrades, is for TW to “investigate resilience risks” and identify solutions for the water network.  

It was also conditional on the water company passing a series of detailed investment reviews with Ofwat.    

In September 2023, it was revealed Thames Water was more than £370 million shy of its price cap for clean water investment.  

The company is also being scrutinised over dividend payments and sewage leaks. 

The planned upgrades at Coppermills and Hampton water treatment works will replace some of the company’s ageing infrastructure and build new treatment capabilities. 

The full programme of work is due to finish by January 2032. 

Esther Sharples, chief operating officer at Thames Water, said: “London is a 24/7 city and it’s our job to provide customers with a secure supply of water around the clock. It’s critical that we build resilience and invest in major infrastructure, so that we can meet the challenges ahead.   

“As the population of London increases and we experience hotter and drier summers, we continue to see the demand for water grow.  

“Investing in the condition of our assets is core to our continued turnaround and our planned upgrades will mean improved water security for millions of Londoners.” 

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