ACE names new chief executive


The Association for Consultancy and Engineering Group (ACE) has named its new CEO. 

Kate Jennings. Credit: The Association for Consultancy and Engineering Group.

Kate Jennings joins as chief executive following her most recent post as an executive board member at Logistics UK. 

Her infrastructure career also includes serving in the Cabinet Office and the Department for Transport (DfT) leading on EU and international transport policy, followed by a strategic leadership role at the Railway Industry Association (RIA). 

The ACE Group comprises both ACE and the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC). 

Jennings said: “Nations around the world are prioritising infrastructure in the race to deliver net zero and green growth. The UK stands at a pivotal juncture, but there is a serious risk of falling behind.  

“With a general election fast approaching and many ongoing industry challenges, I am delighted to be leading the ACE Group during this critical period for our members.  

“Our objective is to ensure that every political voice understands the role our sector plays in contributing solutions that support sustainable growth and prosperity. 

“Engaging with stakeholders, government representatives, and our membership is paramount. Our members serve as partners for government, and the collective expertise of our industry uniquely positions us to translate political aspirations into reality through a solutions-based approach. 

“I look forward to the discussions ahead, strengthening new and existing partnerships, and delivering our impactful annual plan to drive our industry forward and contribute significantly to the UK’s economic prosperity.” 

Sarah Prichard, chairperson of ACE Group, said: “Kate is joining ACE at an exciting time, we are celebrating our 110th anniversary with a strong plan, with robust governance and a talented team to take us into 2025.  

“She will support the outstanding contributions to infrastructure our members are making and continue to foster collaboration with the next government to move the UK forward to a low carbon future.” 

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