Oxford United plans to build UK’s first all-electric stadium


Oxford United Football Club has officially filed a comprehensive planning application for its intended new stadium.

Oxford United new electric stadium

The club has officially presented an application to Cherwell District Council for the construction of a contemporary, environmentally sustainable stadium with a capacity of 16,000 on a site called The Triangle, located near Kidlington. This proposal is part of a comprehensive mixed-use development.

Additionally, the club will initiate a planning application process for the construction of a bridge, integral to the development plans, aimed at improving overall connectivity in the area.

The submitted proposal presents a unique opportunity to establish a new hub for sports, entertainment, business, community, education, and tourism—a development that the entire county can take pride in. The envisioned design encompasses a 180-bed hotel, conference and event facilities, and a health and wellbeing center, promising substantial economic and social advantages for Oxfordshire.

Emphasising the visitor experience, inclusivity, and sustainability, the design is groundbreaking—it aspires to be the first all-electric stadium in the UK. The inclusive features include a safe standing allocation, a sensory room, 130 wheelchair spaces, and wellbeing gardens.

Infusing the history of United into the design, there’s a modern interpretation of the iconic Manor Ground arch at the entrance.

Jon Clarke, the development director at Oxford United, expressed, “Today marks a significant milestone in our stadium development plans and underscores our commitment to the club’s future sustainability.”

“We have taken the opportunity to create something truly incredible that not only places the visitor experience at its heart but is sustainable and will deliver huge benefits to our community and economy.

“Submitting our full planning application further demonstrates the club’s commitment to delivering a new state-of-the-art landmark that will benefit the entire community.

“Our thanks go to our whole stadium project team who have worked tirelessly to submit this extensive planning application. We received a high volume of feedback during the public consultation and revised our plans based on some observations. This process helped ensure we got our application correct and, in light of the extensive response received, took slightly longer than anticipated.

“We look forward to continuing to share details of the plans and working closely with key stakeholders including Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council to bring our vision to reality.”

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