ISG set to carry out crucial remedial work on UK’s oldest bank


Henley Restoration & Remedials is partnering with ISG to restore the UK’s oldest bank, the Round House in Evesham, Worcestershire.

ISG and Henley Logos
Credit: ISG and Henley Restoration & Remedials.

The project entails essential restoration tasks like repairing historical timber elements, addressing window issues, and executing a complete decoration package for the facade.

Henley Restoration & Remedials reviews recent surveys, conservation assessments, and material analyses.

The aim is to devise an appropriate repair strategy for the historic Round House, formerly Booth Hall, built 568 years ago during the late Middle Ages under Henry VI’s reign.

Historic England recognises it as a structure of ‘exceptional interest’ with a Grade I listing, a distinction held by only 2.5% of England’s approximately 379,444 listed buildings. Restoration is expected to be completed within the current year.

The works are anticipated to conclude this year.

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