£800m framework opens for tender


A tender worth £800 million has been opened for a framework that includes houses, flats, and care homes.

Social housing providers and local authorities are anticipated to utilise this framework, with the majority of projects awarded through it expected to involve a minimum of 30 homes.

Administered by Warrington-based Procurement for Housing (PfH), the framework is categorised into three lots and is initially set to run for three years, with the possibility of a two-year extension.

First lot: Valued at £200 million, focuses on low-rise housing, apartments, and extra-care housing, with a regional breakdown to facilitate bids from small and regional contractors.

Second lot: Valued at £400 million, encompasses medium-rise residential projects (over 11 meters), including homes, apartments, and extra-care homes, also divided into regional segments.

Third lot: Worth £200 million, spans a comprehensive range of housing solutions, incorporating mixed-use developments and is not geographically segmented.

PfH emphasises that selected builders should be proficient in employing both traditional and modern construction methods to align with members’ requirements and qualify for additional funding through government affordable-housing programs.

Approximately 60 participants are expected to be named on the framework, and interested contractors have until 12 pm on April 26 to submit their applications for consideration.

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