Modular firm Boutique Modern outlines expansion


Modular housing company, Boutique Modern, will start building its new factory in East Sussex this year, which it says will double its capacity and create more than 35 new jobs on site. 

Credit: Boutique Modern.

The B Corp construction business was given the green light by Lewes District Council to construct the two-storey industrial building in Newhaven and will move in at the end of the year. 

The business specialises in sustainable homes for affordable and social housing schemes in the South East and plans to open other satellite factories to manufacture offsite modular housing units. 

Boutique employs more than 70 people but has outgrown its current site in Beach Road. 

It currently uses the Newhaven site for the temporary storage of offsite housing modules. 

At full capacity the new factory will be capable of producing up to 125 houses or 250 flats per year. 

“Instead of growing one large factory capable of producing thousands of homes in a single location, the Avis Way factory will allow us the opportunity to pilot setting up in a new facility with our existing processes and systems before we expand to other sites, thereby enabling the sustainable growth of our business,” said Dick Shone, managing director. 

Adding: “Each new factory will create upwards of 100 new jobs and generate more than £20 million for the local economy per year, per facility.” 

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