A1 Services rebrands to Heidelberg Materials


Manchester-headquartered waste-management company A1 Services has rebranded to Heidelberg Materials. 

James Whitelaw, recycling managing director. Credit: Heidelberg Materials.

The move follows the firm’s acquisition in 2022 by Hanson Quarry Products and the rebranding last year of Hanson UK to Heidelberg Materials UK.  

The newly renamed company specialises in waste removal and recycling of soils, concrete hardcore and general waste from building, construction and civil engineering projects, and turns over around £11 million.  

It said its rebranding is to reflect it is part of one of the UK’s leading suppliers of construction materials.  

James Whitelaw, recycling managing director, said: “Rebranding A1 Services is the next step to completing the integration of the business and will allow customers to benefit from the high standards in sustainability, health and safety and customer service expected across all of our activities.” 

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