£300m River Thames Scheme open for bids


The Environment Agency (EA) and Surrey County Council are seeking a construction partner to build the £300 million River Thames Scheme (RTS). 

Credit: River Thames Scheme.

The chosen partner will lead the construction of two sections of the new flood alleviation channel between Teddington in Greater London and Egham in Surrey. 

The first is the Runnymede section, from Egham Hythe to Chertsey, while the second is the Spelthorne section, between Laleham and Shepperton. 

The scheme’s aim is to protect thousands of homes and businesses, as well as key infrastructure, from flooding due to river overflows 

Other works include: 

  • Increasing flow of existing weirs 
  • Increasing capacity near the Desborough Cut 
  • Utility diversion works 
  • New road and pedestrian bridges 
  • New EA operational compounds 
  • Demolition of residential properties 
  • Landscaping and earthworks 

Following a selection questionnaire, a shortlist of candidates will be offered an Invitation to Tender. 

Certain tenderers will be progressed to negotiation stage, with the contract due to be awarded in 2025. 

However, the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) must be granted a Development Consent Order (DCO) before construction can begin.  

A six-week consultation for the DCO is currently underway.  

Caroline Douglass, executive director for flood and coastal risk management at the EA, said: “This is a huge opportunity for firms in the civil engineering and construction sector and represents a vital step forward in progressing the RTS.  

“Our aim now is to build a shortlist of potential partners with the skills and vision to deliver this unique scheme.” 

Council cabinet member for environment, councillor Marisa Heath, added: “The scheme will be transformational to our residents, providing vital flood risk reduction while also helping to enhance quality of life, boosting biodiversity and fostering economic growth.  

“Throughout the length of the scheme there will be many opportunities for a range of suppliers, and we encourage local businesses to get involved.” 

To register, follow the Atamis portal and search for project ref. C22875. The Contract Notice Reference is 2024/S 000-002786. 

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