Roger Bullivant announces regional merger


Roger Bullivant Limited will merge its North East and Yorkshire offices under the leadership of regional manager, Jim Hargrave.  

Credit: Roger Bullivant.
Jim Hargrave.

The move brings the two areas together, streamlining operations and aligning them with the size and geographic scope of their regional counterparts, said the piling and foundation engineering company.  

It added the consolidation would allow expertise to run further into the region’s established commercial and infrastructure sectors, while maintaining a presence in the housing market. 

“The merger underlines our commitment to strategic cohesion and efficiency, enabling us to draw on the strengths of both areas to enhance our market position,” said Hargrave.  

“By retaining all the team and both offices near Newcastle and Leeds, we remain committed to a local presence and will continue to provide our clients with engineering knowledge specific to their area of operation.” 

In November last year, Roger Bullivant reported increased revenue and healthy profits in its financial results, mainly due to residential housing work.   

Turnover for the Soletanche Bachy subsidiary for the year ended 31 December 2022 was £97.4 million, compared to £78.2 million in the previous financial period.   

While pre-tax profit was reported at £7.5 million (FY2021: £3.2 million).   

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