Munnelly Group appoints new board director


Munnelly Group has announced the appointment of a new board director. 

Credit: Munnelly Group.
Sarah Munnelly. Credit: Munnelly Group.

Sarah Munnelly said she is “honoured and excited” to join the senior leadership team at the Harrow-headquartered construction and infrastructure support services group. 

She is the first woman to join the board of directors at the family-run business. 

Her appointment reflects Munnelly’s “dedication and commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion by elevating female leadership within the industry”, said the group. 

She has been instrumental in identifying and developing major framework opportunities for the company, as well as the development and implementation of innovations and sustainable solutions across the group. 

Sarah said: “I am honoured and excited to take on the role of board director at Munnelly Group. This appointment not only represents a personal achievement but also symbolises the company’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the construction and infrastructure industry.  

“Not only am I eager to contribute my skills and perspective to the board but I look forward to working collaboratively with the leadership team to drive innovation, excellence and positive change within Munnelly Group.  

“As a female leader, I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and inspiring the next generation of women to pursue and excel in their careers. Together, we will continue to build a more inclusive and forward-thinking industry.” 

Founded in the 1980s, today the wider group comprises various companies including Munnelly Support Services, Guardior, MacRail, Bishopsgate Group, City Calling, Weston Analytics, Bridgehead Consultancy, and Severn Partnership. 

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