Eco Buildings Group sacks executive vice chairman


Eco Buildings Group has confirmed it has sacked executive vice chairman, Dominic Redfern. 

Credit: Eco Buildings Group.

The AIM-listed modular solutions company announced Redfern’s immediate dismissal “for cause” as part of a series of board changes last week.  

“The company confirms the immediate dismissal of Dominic Redfern, executive vice chairman, for cause,” wrote the group.  

Adding: “This decision aligns with our commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct within our organisation.”  

Redfern was suspended from his role “pending further investigation” by the company in December last year.

As part of the board changes at Eco, group chairman, Andrew Allner, has announced his retirement after 12 years. 

He will be succeeded by Zenova Group non-executive chairman, Don Nicolson, following a handover period until the end of February. 

Eco said the board changes mark “a new chapter in its journey towards sustainable growth and success”, adding it ‘remains confident in its trajectory’ in the modular housing sector. 

“I have been familiar with Eco Buildings since well before the RTO, I’m honoured to lead the company through its next developmental strides,” said Nicolson. “Leveraging the substantial order book, we aim to accelerate growth, which is a key strategic focus for the company.” 

He added: “I extend my gratitude to Andrew for steering the company to this stage, allowing me to guide the company on delivering orders in Albania and expanding into new markets.”  

Sanjay Bowry, CEO of Eco Buildings, added: “I express my sincere gratitude to Andrew for his invaluable advice, instrumental in propelling Eco Buildings to this critical pre-full-production stage.  

“I warmly welcome Don to our board, anticipating a collaborative effort to tap into tremendous growth opportunities for eco-friendly, modular housing on a global scale.  

“Together, with Don’s wealth of strategic, commercial and operational experience, we are poised for substantial success, making this news exciting for all our stakeholders.” 

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