Winners of £346m framework announced


Fusion21 has announced the suppliers appointed to its national Building Improvements Framework worth up to £346 million over a four-year period. 

Credit: Fusion21.

A total of 70 specialist firms – 74 per cent being SMEs – have secured a place on the framework which supports public sector organisations including housing, education and healthcare providers. 

Some of the successful suppliers include Esh Construction, Kier, Lovell Partnerships, Seddon Construction, United Living and Wates. 

It offers a wide range of internal and external improvement works from the installation of kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors to roofing work.  

The framework has also been enhanced to include four new lots covering damp and mould, external environmental improvements (such as fencing, driveways, walls, hard and soft landscaping), insulation, and aids and adaptations. 

Successful suppliers   

A Connolly

Amber Construction Services  

Arc Group London  

Architectural Decorators  

Aspect Group Services  

Axis Europe  

AYM (Services)  

BAAS Construction  

Bell Group  

Breyer Group 

C.L.C. Contractors  

Carroll Group  

Chas Berger  

Chigwell (London)  

Clark Contracts  

Combined Facilities Management  

CTS Projects  

DLP Services (Northern)  

Ecosafe Heating  

Emanuel Whittaker  

Esh Construction  

Etec Contract Services  

Fortem Solutions  

Frank Rogers (Building Contractor)  



Ian Williams  

Jackson, Jackson & Sons  

Jeakins Weir  

Kier Services  

Lawtech Group  

LCB Group Holdings  

Lovell Partnerships  

M & J Group (Construction & Roofing)  

M&R Heating Services Northwest  

M&Y Maintenance & Construction  

M.D. Building Services  

Mascott Construction (Europe)  

Maurice Flynn & Sons  

Milestone Contracting  

Morgan & Bond  

Mulalley & Co.  

Niblock (Builders)  

Oxford Direct Services Trading  

Casey & Co.

Casey (Land Reclamation)

P.K. Murphy Construction  

Penny Lane Builders  


Piperhill Construction  

Polyteck Building Services  

Quinn (London)  

R & M Williams (Holdings)  

Benson Property Maintenance

Re-Gen (UK) Construction  

Saltash Enterprises  

Seddon Construction  

SERS Energy Solutions Group  

Sterling Services (Northern)  

Surefire Management Services  

Sustainable Building Services (UK)  

T Brown Group  

T.S.G. Building Services  

Thomas Sinden  

Topcoat Construction  

United Living (South)  

Ups Building & Maintenance  

Wates Property Services  

Wright Build  

WRPS Group  

“In response to member and supply chain feedback and in line with the proposed updates to the Decent Homes Standard, the renewed framework now covers even more aspects of building improvement,” said Peter Francis, executive director of operations at Fusion21. 

“In addition to working with a team of technical procurement experts, Fusion21 members accessing this offer will benefit from a compliant and efficient route to market, flexible call-off options and geographical coverage across the UK, down to a regional and local level.” 

Adding: “As with all Fusion21’s frameworks, the Building Improvements Framework will also support our members to deliver social value to their communities, aligned to their organisational priorities.” 

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