Kier to revamp Bournemouth college


Kier has been appointed to deliver new-build and refurbishment works for a college campus in Bournemouth. 

Credit: Kier.

The Department for Education (DfE) hired the company to redevelop Bournemouth & Poole College’s (B&PC) Bournemouth campus in the Lansdowne area. 

Five buildings on site will be demolished and replaced by a single teaching facility which will be net zero carbon in operation, with air source heat pumps and photovoltaic panels. 

New amenities, including a restaurant, gym and salons, will also be built and made available for community use. 

The remaining Grade II-Listed buildings, including the Clock Tower Building, will be refurbished with façade and roof repairs and plant room upgrades.   

It marks the latest appointment for Kier on the DfE Construction Framework, following Oak Academy in Bournemouth where it is delivering a new campus for the 900-place secondary school.  

“This project will provide modern facilities for students and the local community and will create a much-needed external green space in the centre of the site which will enhance the students’ experience,” said Cheryl Parsons, regional director at Kier Construction Southern 

Adding: “We look forward to using our wealth of experience in delivering first class education spaces to deliver this high spec campus which will enrich the community for years to come.” 

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