Core Highways brings all companies in-house


Core Highways Group is rebranding as Core Highways – bringing all its subsidiaries together under one roof.  

Pictured: Lizi Stewart, CEO of Core Highways. Credit: Core Highways.

As part of the move, Amberon, Barrier Services, Forest Traffic, JTM Signs and MLP Traffic all come together under one name. 

Core Highways also revealed a new company logo, website, colours and updated values as part of the rebrand.   

The £120 million turnover business employs more than 2,300 staff and operatives and has almost 40 depots across England and Wales. 

It said further growth and expansion is planned for the business.  

“Becoming Core Highways means that we can combine our knowledge and expertise for our customers across England and Wales, giving them access to more skills and expertise in temporary traffic management, barrier solutions and events signage,” said Lizi Stewart, CEO of Core Highways. 

“Our dedicated and knowledgeable team have hundreds of years of experience in providing solutions for customers across England and Wales’ road networks at high and low speed.  As a team we are stronger together, supporting one another and our customers to deliver.   

“Becoming one will give our customers quicker access to our deep well of technical excellence as well as our innovation and best practice, such as our Decarbonisation Project Roadmap and our award-winning Digital Care Initiative.”  

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