Residential work boosts Roger Bullivant profits


Piling and foundation engineering company Roger Bullivant Limited has reported increased revenue and healthy profits in its latest financial results, mainly due to residential housing work.  

Credit: Roger Bullivant.

Turnover for the Soletanche Bachy subsidiary for the year ended 31 December 2022 was £97.4 million, compared to £78.2 million in the previous financial period.  

Gross profit for the Derbyshire-headquartered company was £27.3 million (FY2021: £22 million), while operating profit was £7.4 million (FY2021: £3.2 million).  

Pre-tax profit for Roger Bullivant in FY2022 was reported at £7.5 million, compared to £3.2 million in the prior year.  

While profit for the year was £6.1 million (FY2021: £2.5 million).  

The company’s cash position was also up on the previous financial period (FY2021: £5.4 million) to £7.7 million. 

Net assets and shareholder funds were valued at nearly £15 million, compared to £10.3 million in the prior financial year. 

A dividend of £1.5 million was paid in the year (FY2021: £Nil).  

“The company had strong levels of activity throughout the year with particularly strong performance in one of the company’s key market sectors – residential housing,” the company wrote at the time.  

Adding: “The company also carried out works successfully in non-residential sectors and views this as an important part of the company’s offering which can be developed further.” 

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