Taziker appoints new CEO after investor round


Civil engineering firm Taziker has appointed a new CEO following a fresh round of capital.  

Credit: Taziker.

Long-standing board member Neil Harrison has been appointed chief executive officer of the Chorley company. 

He will be supported by newly appointed group managing director, Jason Worrall, who is also a long-serving member of Taziker’s leadership team. 

It follows an investment round led by founders Tom and Nigel Taziker and Graham Moor, who now own a majority stake in the business and have rejoined the board of directors.  

The investment, supported by new capital from Freshstream, strengthened the company’s balance sheet, which is now debt free. 

Taziker revamped its corporate structure to focus on its core service offerings, including structural steel refurbishment and renewal in addition to complementary services.  

Neil Harrison (left) and Jason Worrall. Credit: Taziker.

Last year the company saw turnover of £73.4 million compared to £55.7 million in FY2021, with an operating profit of £3.8 million (FY2021: £1.8 million) and EBITDA of £4.6 million (FY2021: £2.3 million).  

“I am delighted to be a part of Taziker at this important stage in our company’s journey,” said Harrison. “With our improved financial position, robust order book and promising pipeline in our primary sectors of rail and highways, the road ahead has never been more exciting.” 

Worrall added: “This represents a truly excellent step forward for the business, which is now in prime position to take advantage of its strong pipeline with a significantly strengthened balance sheet.” 

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