GigBridge becomes Gold Sponsor of Construction CFO Summit


On February 19th 2024, we are launching a major event, our Construction CFO Summit. GigBridge just became a Gold Sponsor.

CFO Summit Sponsor

Let’s be honest, the construction industry is secretive when it comes to money.

And 2023 has been a tough year financially. With all the insolvencies, late payments, and restructures, we wanted to do something big.

And that’s why we launched our Construction CFO Summit.

It’s an event that brings industry CFOs and financial leaders together to discuss the financial change happening across the UK’s built environment. We’ve CFOs from the London Stock Exchange Group, Glencar, British Airways, and everything in between.

We’re pumped to team up with GigBridge, one of our Gold Sponsors at the Summit.

A couple of weeks back, I met Gabriel, the founder, down at their new offices in the epic Morgan Stanley building yesterday.

We discussed the role digital can play when curating a live event sponsorship package, how they are not mutually exclusive, and construction tech opportunities for 2024.

Delighted to have them on board.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or buying tickets to the event, contact us below:

E: events@wavenews.co.uk

W: https://event.constructioncfosummit.com/

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