Cory named sustainability sector leader


Cory has been named an Infrastructure Asset Sector Leader by GRESB for its sustainability leadership in 2023.  

Credit: Cory.

The business was awarded a five-star rating for the fourth year in a row, scoring 95 out of 100.  

This places Cory first out of 11 peer businesses in the Waste Treatment: Maintenance & Operation category. 

Cory scored 35 out of 40 in the management component, which measures strategy and leadership management, policies and processes, risk management and stakeholder engagement approach. 

And it scored 60 out of 60 in the performance component, which measures performance across 12 aspects including Health & Safety, energy use and water. 

“I am delighted that we have been recognised for our leadership in sustainability, which reflects the importance of sustainability to our business strategy,” said Dougie Sutherland, CEO of Cory. “There is an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gasses, and this is the focus of our future plans.  

“While we have committed to be net zero by 2040 it is clear that we must move faster. We will submit planning for our Carbon Capture & Storage facility in Q1 next year which could enable Cory to be carbon negative by 2030, and it is great that GRESB recognise our leadership in the infrastructure asset sector.” 

Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB, added: “GRESB Sector Leaders embody the industry’s champions, leading the charge towards a net-zero future and propelling the sector forward.  

“We wholeheartedly commend this year’s sector leaders for their dedication, leadership and commitment to ESG principles and sustainability.” 

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