Team selected for ‘clean-up’ of 17 nuclear sites in UK


Mace will lead a consultant team selected by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to support the clean-up of 17 of the UK’s earliest nuclear sites. 

Along with AtkinsRealis, Gleeds and i3Works, Mace will deliver a range of project & programme management (P&PM) and project controls services as part of a four-year framework. 

Mace, AtkinsRealis and Gleeds have been working with the NDA for two years via another framework – Bristol business management consultant i3Works joined the team for the latest iteration, run through the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). 

Urgent priorities include dealing with highest-hazard materials, spent fuel, nuclear materials and highly radioactive waste.  

Dismantling and demolition of redundant nuclear facilities comes after.   

“The NDA has made important progress towards its mission to clean up and decommission the UK’s civil nuclear sites,” said Andy Ellis, global head of energy, Gleeds. “Its assets are of national strategic importance and cost billions of pounds per year to manage. It is vital that the NDA can rely on its supply chain to work collaboratively as client-side advisors, and offer best in class P&PM support to drive forward its mission to decommission sites safely, securely and cost-effectively, boosting value for money for the UK taxpayer.”    

The team will place suppliers into P&PM and project controls roles focused on supporting NDA-wide initiatives in preparation for site-specific requirements in the future. 

“While the NDA’s mission to clean up the UK’s early nuclear legacy will take over 100 years to realise, we know we’ve got an important role to play now, setting the right tone and implementing world-class project & programme management and project controls principles that will benefit the NDA in the long term,” said Matthew Risk, framework manager, Mace Consult. 

Adding: “We also know that long-term benefit must extend beyond the NDA’s direct operations, so we’re drawing on our wider consultancy capabilities to ensure we’re thinking holistically and pushing for positive opportunities, such as the creation of meaningful social value across all 17 sites, many of which are in remote and deprived locations.” 

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