BAM to build coastal defence scheme in Wales


BAM has been appointed to deliver another coastal defence scheme in Wales. 

Credit: BAM.

The seaside town of Aberaeron on the Welsh coast is exposed to a range of sea and storm conditions entering through the harbour and laying siege to its walls. 

Ceredigion County Council appointed the firm to install new measures to protect the town and surrounding coastline from rising sea levels, flooding and coastal erosion.   

Work will involve construction of flood walls, a new rock breakwater, refurbishment of the South Pier, installation of a new flood gate and improvements to existing coastal defences. 

In 2009 BAM also delivered coastal flood defence works at the town’s north beach including a raised sea wall and shore control structures, to protect the north-western part of Aberaeron. 

The firm has delivered several coastal defences along this portion of the Welsh coast including the first two phases of the Borth to Ynyslas Coastal Defence Scheme in 2012 and 2015. 

“We are already seeing the impact of climate change in the UK on rising sea levels,” said Ian Hubbard, BAM regional director for Southern England and Wales. 

“Our work in Aberaeron will help to protect the local community for decades to come. 

“As we start these vital works we will work in partnership with the local community and businesses.  

“We will focus on minimising disruption and having a positive impact on the local community, by creating jobs and opportunities for local people.” 

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