FM Conway takes on ‘urgent’ Millennium Bridge repairs


FM Conway has been appointed to carry out urgent maintenance work on Millennium Bridge in London. 

Credit: City Bridge Foundation.

The contractor has been hired by City Bridge Foundation to replace the synthetic membrane which separates the bridge’s steel structure from its aluminium deck. 

It marks the famous pedestrian crossing’s second closure for repairs since it opened in June 2000. 

The bridge was closed two days after it first opened to the public due to a swaying motion experienced by its users and was not opened again until 2002 when the problem had been remedied by engineers.  

Since then, the crossing, which links St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London with the Tate Modern on the south bank of the Thames, has also gone by its nicknamed – the “wobbly” bridge. 

In addition to repairs, the bridge, designed by Foster & Partners, will also get a deep clean as it is “starting to show its age”. 

Works are expected to take three weeks, during which time the bridge will be closed to allow FM Conway to have 24-hour access.  

The bridge will close at 8am on Saturday, 14 October and reopen on Sunday, 5 November. 

“Since it opened to mark the new Millennium, the bridge has become a much loved and very well-used fixture on the London landscape, but it is starting to show its age,” said City Bridge Foundation chairman, Giles Shilson. 

“The separation layer under the bridge deck has started to degrade, which means it’s having an adverse effect on the bridge deck and needs addressing urgently. 

“Replacing this layer is a time-consuming process, meaning we have no option but to close the bridge for three weeks and to work round the clock to get it done as quickly as possible.” 

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