Costain takes on A40 Westway contract


Costain has been commissioned to provide critical upgrades to a key road network connecting east and west London.  

Image credit: J Taylor, Night-time traffic on the Westway, via WikiCommons.

Transport for London (TfL) has appointed the infrastructure solutions company to provide detailed design and construction services for the second phase of improvements to the A40 Westway, which is used by 96,000 vehicles each day. 

Energy corporation Chevron and construction company Freyssinet were appointed to deliver the first phase of the project, which was completed in five weeks, ahead of schedule and under budget. 

“This is the yardstick against which we’ll measure our success on this project,” said Andy Clarke, director for integrated transport at Costain. 

Targeted interventions by Costain will include the replacement of six cantilever expansion joints, new measures to protect parapets in high-risk locations, and resurfacing and concrete repairs on an approximately 2 km section of road.  

Works are expected to be completed by summer 2025. 

“The A40 is one of the busiest roads on our network and this next phase of work will allow us to replace joints along the road, ensuring the road can continue to run safely and reliably for years to come,” said Mike Hardaker, TfL’s director of capital delivery. 

Adding: “We’ll continue to work closely with Costain to minimise disruption to people using the road and living in the area while this vital work takes place.” 

Costain has partnered with TfL throughout 2023, including upgrading Gallow’s Corner flyover bridge in Romford, and supporting planned enhancements to the Green Man and George Green tunnels.  

Image credit: J Taylor, Night-time traffic on the Westway, via WikiCommons.

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