New CEO at Bouygues UK amid restructure


Bouygues UK has announced new leadership at the top of the company amid plans for a restructure of its businesses.  

Credit: Bouygues UK.

Rob Bradley, who is retiring from the company after serving as chief executive officer since 2018, will be succeeded by Fabienne Viala. 

In addition to her new role as CEO, Viala will continue as the chairperson and UK country director for Bouygues Construction. 

Bouygues UK will also be reorganised into three business units, two of which will be regional businesses. 

The first is London & South-East led by Philippa Prongué who is taking on a wider role since joining the business in May 2022 and who will bring the Contracting and Property Development teams together. 

Next is South West & Wales led by John Boughton who will focus on developing the business through frameworks. 

The other business unit, Complex Projects, will be led by Gerald Farque, and will primarily concentrate on healthcare, science, and research projects nationwide. 

“Rob has led Bouygues UK through some exceptionally challenging times for our sector and we are very grateful to him for his invaluable contribution to the business,” said Viala. “These changes will enhance our design and construction abilities, create value, strengthen our brand in sustainable construction and enable us to better serve our clients.” 

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