Arup and AECOM signed to £1bn powerline job


Arup and AECOM have been appointed to a major new piece of energy infrastructure in Lincolnshire, valued at £1 billion.  

Credit: Arup.

The project is a proposal to build a new high voltage overhead line between Grimsby and Walpole for National Grid. 

New pylons and substations will also be constructed.  

Arup and AECOM will deliver management of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) work. 

No contractors or engineering companies have been appointed at this stage, it is understood.  

The connection will deliver increased capacity along the eastern side of England, comprising a new 400 kV overhead transmission line between Grimsby West and the Walpole area. 

New 400 kV substations will integrate offshore capacity onto the national transmission system. 

The upgrade underlines National Grid’s effort to transforming England and Wales’ transmission network, facilitating decarbonisation of the energy system. 

This effort is to support the UK Government’s ambition to connect 50 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030. 

Arup was recently also appointed to a major flood risk management scheme in Worcestershire. 

“The Grimsby to Walpole connection requires an integrated approach, combining technical excellence with stakeholder engagement and working collaboratively across the delivery partnership to enable this project and the wider energy transition,” said Eloise John, energy director, AECOM. 

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