Real LSE Limited to appoint administrators


Real LSE Limited has filed a notice of intention to appoint an administrator. 

The Horsham contractor filed the application with the Companies court on Friday, 22 September. 

The business has retained counsel from professional services group Gateley, in London.  

Real LSE is part of construction company Real Group, also in West Sussex, where Paul Nicholls is CEO. 

It specialises in the construction of new homes, student housing, and later living accommodation for housing associations, councils, and private sector clients in London and the South East. 

Some of its partners include South East Consortium (SEC), Network Homes, The Hyde Group, Notting Hill Genesis, and A2Dominion. 

Latest financials for Real LSE for the year to 28 February 2022 saw turnover of £19.2 million, compared to £12.8 million in the previous year.  

Gross profit was £3.4 million (FY2021: £2.1 million), with profit for the year reported at £1.4 million compared to £358,917 in 2021.  

Other businesses under Real Group, which also has offices in Bristol, include Real Places Limited, Real Contracting Group Limited, Real SW Limited, Real (High Lane) Limited, and Real (Ealing) Limited. 

None of Real Group’s other companies appear to have similar filings with the Companies court. 

Real Group was approached for comment. 

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