£1.6bn decarbonising frameworks open for bids


Suppliers can now bid for work on two Pagabo frameworks valued at £1.6 billion and specialising in decarbonisation projects.  

Credit: Pagabo.

One is dedicated to healthcare schemes, with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) as a sector-specialist host. 

The other, hosted by Kingston upon Hull City Council, is open to all other sectors. 

Contractors will provide a complete business solution for clients, acting as a single point of contact for retrofit assessments, costs, and supply chain partners.   

Both frameworks will have four value-banded lots, applicable to 12 regions: 

  • Lot 1 – up to £1 million 
  • Lot 2 – £1 million to £5 million 
  • Lot 3 – £5 million to £15 million 
  • Lot 4 – £15 million+ 

The frameworks are split by three scopes to ensure main contractors are active in the relevant market, with a requirement to submit evidence.  

The scope will include but is not limited to: 

  • Domestic low rise 
  • Domestic high rise 
  • Non-Domestic: commercial, health, education, and leisure 

Both will run for four years. 

Interested suppliers must submit bids before 23 October 2023.  

Those wishing to be appointed to both will be required to submit two separate tenders, which will be evaluated according to each framework. 

Click here for the healthcare schemes framework. 

Click here for the other decarbonising framework. 

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