Volker keeps runway extension budget ‘grounded’


VolkerFitzpatrick recently completed an extension of the runway at Southampton Airport on time and under budget 

Credit: VolkerFitzpatrick.

The 164-metre extension to the northern end of the runway allowed the airport to attract new airlines and offer new routes. 

Volker also constructed a wider ‘turning pad’, allowing planes to U-turn at the end of the runway, and a new blast screen, to minimise the impact of airport operations. 

Associated changes to drainage and runway lighting, the realignment of a perimeter fence and related works to the airside perimeter road and landside access track were also provided. 

The work, which span 10 months and was valued at £6 million, was coordinated to ensure zero impact on airfield operations and flights were able to continue as scheduled. 

The extension gives the airport the capacity to handle traditional short-haul aircraft such as the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737, which would previously have struggled to take off when fully loaded.   

Local supply chain contractors were also hired to the scheme. 

“We’re very pleased to have completed this important work at Southampton Airport on schedule,” said Kevin Berry, VolkerFitzpatrick operations director.  

“Needing to keep the runway open while works were underway, to minimise the impacts on day-to-day airport operations and the surrounding area, was always going to present us with some challenges.” 

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