Construction to start on new Amazon warehouse


A new Amazon warehouse serving East Yorkshire and the Humber will shortly begin construction. 

Credit: SMR Architects.

A retail fulfilment centre will be built at Melton West Business Park in Hull, where local property management company Wykeland Group is owner and developer. 

The retail giant already has a 125,000 sq ft last-mile facility at 200-acre Melton, according to Hull Live. 

The new fulfilment centre is said to be valued at £175 million.  

It comes after three former Amazon operations were merged into the new facilities.   

Dominic Gibbons, managing director of Wykeland Group, said his company sold the site to Amazon 18 months ago.  

“We’re pleased that Amazon has announced that this development will soon enter the construction phase,” said Gibbons. 

“The Amazon retail fulfilment centre will be the latest in a series of major developments at Melton West and underlines the significance of the business park as a driver of economic growth. 

“It also further validates the very significant long-term investments we have made in infrastructure at and around the business park that have made developments of this scale possible.” 

Amazon was approached for further details.  

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