Spencer Group hires familiar face to senior team


Spencer Group has appointed a new managing director to its Rail division. 

Mike Halliday. Credit: Spencer Group.

Engineer Mike Halliday returns to Spencer Group where he worked for 11 years having first joined in 1996.  

During that time, Halliday helped to grow the Group into a Tier 1 contractor and was made a board director. 

After leaving Spencer Group in 2007, Halliday became a private consultant – and was later offered the role of rail director at Story Engineering.  

By 2015, the business had become a Tier 1 contractor and increased its turnover by 300 per cent.  

During Halliday’s tenure, it was also named Supplier of the Year by Network Rail. 

Halliday joined Network Rail in 2017, after a stint as infrastructure division lead at Wood Group. 

He served as a route delivery director at Network Rail for the last six years. 

“I’m delighted to be joining Spencer Group, which has a reputation for innovation and engineering excellence,” said Halliday. “My focus will be on the upfront development side of the business, and on realising the full potential of its internal design capabilities.”  

He added: “I’ve spent most of my career as a contractor – but, after joining Network Rail, I gained invaluable client-side experience. Six years later, I’m confident that I understand the organisation’s requirements – and the needs of other rail clients. I began my rail career with Spencer Group and know that meeting these needs is in its DNA. Now, I’m really looking forward to shaping and building our rail offering with the help of my team.” 

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