Caddick Construction finalises Midlands expansion


Caddick Construction has opened new premises in Birmingham marking its expansion into the Midlands. 

Credit: Caddick Construction.

The launch follows the appointment of Ray O’Sullivan as regional director for the Midlands, the latest move in the Group’s ambitious growth strategy. 

The new office, on Temple Street, in Northspring, will be home to a team tasked with replicating the Group’s model in the North East, North West, and Yorkshire. 

The Group is set to target new projects in both the public and private sectors, building its portfolio of commercial, education, industrial, leisure, residential, care, and retail projects. 

Paul Dodsworth, Construction Group managing director, said: “Launching our Midlands office is an important milestone in our growth strategy; it’s a move that has been in the pipeline for some time and allows us to bring our business’ financial stability, expertise and quality to the regional market.  

“Central to this is our appointment of Ray O’Sullivan to lead the team, and his expertise in the region sets us on a very strong footing as our business embarks on an exciting new chapter.” 

O’Sullivan added: “There is a wealth of opportunity in the Midlands and Caddick’s established position in the industry places it as the perfect construction partner in the region.  

“Launching our new office is just one piece of the puzzle, and myself and the team here in Birmingham will be spending the coming months building our project pipeline and working with the regional supply chain to support our growth.” 

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