RSK Group secures 21 acquisitions in 2023…so far


RSK Group has acquired in the region of 21 companies since the start of the year – the latest being Irish consulting engineering firm, Jennings O’Donovan. 

RSK Group
Credit: RSK Group.

Founded in 1950, Sligo-headquartered Jennings O’Donovan specialises in renewable energy, water supply, wastewater treatment and the provision of planning and environmental services. 

It has a workforce of approximately 100 staff, bringing the RSK team in Ireland to more than 600.   

Its primary markets include Ireland, the UK and eastern Europe.   

It has an annual turnover of €8.2 million.  

Recent projects:  

  • Meenadreen Wind Farm, Ireland 
  • Nysäter Wind Farm, Sweden 
  • Lumcloon Battery Energy Storage Facility 
  • Lough Rinn International Rowing Course 

“We are delighted to be joining the RSK Group and becoming part of the wider RSK family,” said director David Kiely, who will continue to lead the business. “This acquisition will see our staff and business continuing as normal while moving to new ownership within a larger organisation that will support our continued growth and development in line with our commitment to the principles of climate action and the low carbon economy.”  

RSK CEO, Alan Ryder, said: “Jennings O’Donovan has enviable skills and experience in crucial sectors that are so important to RSK across the world and are key to our commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These include renewables, water and wastewater, planning and environment and building and infrastructure, to name just a few.  

“In renewables alone, the business has a project portfolio extending to more than 2,500 MW of power and it is a recognised market leader in wind energy development. When this portfolio is completed, total investment will extend to €3 billion in the wind energy sector.  

Ryder added: “This acquisition is one that will play an important role in further strengthening our operations in the renewables, environmental and water sectors in particular but equally, Jennings O’Donovan’s experience and track record for delivery and service excellence in other sectors adds to our diversity and growth.”  

RSK now comprises more than 200 companies, employing 12,000 people.  

The Group’s annual turnover at the end of FY2022 was £796 million 

The acquisition adviser was Cortus Advisory Group. 

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