Next Stage of Carlisle Station Gateway begins with £27m funding


The Council has announced the advancement of the Carlisle Station Gateway project, a significant stride in reshaping the heart of Carlisle city center.

train station
Credit: Carlisle City Council

Cumberland Council, in collaboration with Network Rail, has secured more than £27 million in funding for this crucial revitalization endeavor.

With over £80 million in public funding allocated to projects in the vicinity, the objective is to fully tap into its potential and draw and retain a larger populace in the city center.

Several key developments encompass plans for Carlisle Station the University of Cumbria’s novel Citadels Campus, and the transformation of Devonshire Street, English Street, and the Greenmarket area.

As the Local Highway and Transport Authority, Cumberland Council strives to enhance the locale for all users and encourage active commuting.

Amelioration to Court Square access, improved amenities for patrons, and a hospitable entry from George Square are also in the pipeline.

Furthermore, a communal parking area will be relocated to George Square to alleviate traffic at Court Square, coupled with endeavors to upgrade pedestrian and cyclist access at Water Street and Court Square Brow.

The subsequent stage of the Carlisle Station Gateway Project will encompass enhancements to the Water Street / James Street intersection.

Commencement of construction is scheduled for August 29, with Road Contracting Limited establishing their onsite welfare facilities.

Roadworks are set to commence on September 4 and are foreseen to persist until January 2024.

These activities will impact Water Street, James Street, Currock Street, and Rome Street.

Cumberland Council’s Leader, Cllr Mark Fryer, conveyed, “This investment in Carlisle Railway Station has undergone several years of planning and will enhance both the station and its immediate surroundings for inhabitants, scholars, local enterprises, and our guests.

“The station accommodates over two million passengers annually and functions as a central nexus for travel throughout the Borderlands region, making this investment advantageous for all.

“I am eagerly anticipating observing the metamorphosis unfold and would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for their incredible patience and support during these developments,” he concluded.

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