Esh Construction approved for £25m Bridlington development


Esh Construction has successfully obtained planning approval for a housing project comprising 122 homes in the coastal town of Bridlington in Yorkshire.

3d of esh project
Credit: Esh

Esh Construction, in collaboration with Housing 21 and Yorkshire Housing, has unveiled a proposal for the construction of 54 affordable homes along with a 68-apartment extra care complex.

Valued at £25 million, this land-driven agreement outlines the development’s scope.

The project is set to be established on a tract of land situated off Pinfold Lane, approximately two miles north of Bridlington’s center. This location has been designated for residential development in the East Riding Local Plan.

The extra care building, spanning three floors, will encompass one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as communal amenities such as a restaurant, hair salon, and a resident lounge. Management of this structure will be entrusted to Housing 21.

As part of Yorkshire Housing’s contribution, Esh will undertake the construction of a variety of dwellings including two and three-bedroom houses, two-bedroom bungalows, and one-bedroom ‘walk up’ apartments. These residences are intended for affordable tenures, spanning affordable rent, shared ownership, and rent-to-buy options.

The collaborative team for this project:

  • Acanthus WSM Architects
  • Eastwood Consulting Engineers
  • Devcom, Millea Group
  • Engineering Services Consultancy
  • ID Planning,
  • Primas Law

Esh will partner with BWA (Europe) and AA Projects throughout the development process. The project is due to start during the first quarter of 2024.

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